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Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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If you ever notice that your fuel economy is decreasing significantly or that a rotten egg smell is coming from your engine and there is black smoke... then you need to clean the catalytic converter right away!

Deep clean your converter with catalytic converter cleaner without removing it! Stop the dreaded "engine service light" from flashing on your display and get better engine performance!

It's an absolute money saver! Thanks to reduced maintenance and fuel costs. On top of that, you won't have to pay a lot of money to change your catalytic converter.

LOWER EMISSION LEVELS: It can reduce your total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50.

BETTER ENGINE PERFORMANCE: Helps clean the fuel injection system, as well as the cylinders, improving overall performance.

REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION AND BAD ODOURS: while reducing fuel consumption, it also eliminates the stench developed by your car's overtime

PROTECT THE ENGINE: Good fuel and exhaust flow will keep that engine cleaner, smoother and better, which will also reduce maintenance costs.


Safe for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles; will not alter fuel. Do not use in 2-stroke or oil/gas mixture engines.

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Customer Reviews

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Good product

I bought it and worked well in my car also customer care was good keep up

Joseph Omemo

I placed an order on Tuesday, 18th of July, and I was informed, rightly so, that the delivery would be on Thursday 20th. I called the numbers that I know, 0114 618464 and 0115 145332 on 20th in the morning, and was promised that the delivery would be done. I called later to find out whether the courier had left town, was told to wait for confirmation! Later, my calls went unanswered!!
So please, the order that I just placed this evening was out of frustration. Treat it as one order.

John kimani

How is it applied?

G kilonzi
False delivery

I ordered the commodity and gave my location as kimana town in loitokitok and I was told this area is not covered in delivering