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Plant Extract Hair Dye Essence

Plant Extract Hair Dye Essence

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Hydrogen peroxide-free fruit extract: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. Our hair color essence is formulated with a hydrogen peroxide-free fruit extract, making it a safer choice for your hair.

  • No need to mix, comb to color: Forget complicated mixing. With our fruit extract hair color with built-in comb, all you need to do is brush and comb through your hair to achieve your desired color, right from the comfort of your own home.

  • Breaking Through Tradition: We have revolutionized the way you color your hair. No more mixing or blending; just open the lid and start using. Combing your hair is now all it takes to achieve amazing results.

  • Fast coloring, natural effect: Experience fast, even color application with a remarkably natural result. Our hair color essence ensures that the color effect is not only quick, but also visibly beautiful.

  • Plant Hair Color Principle: Harness the power of plant extract technology for gentle but effective hair coloring. This gentle process also provides protection for your hair while providing long-lasting color.

  • Easier to color: Our formula gently opens the gentle bands, making the coloring process smoother and more efficient. Enjoy an easier color experience.

  • Ingredients for natural plant extracts: Our mild hair color covers gray hair healthily with natural plant extracts. Enriched with essence of ginseng root extract and Polygonum multiflorum root extract essence, your hair gets the well-being it deserves while achieving the desired color transformation.


  • Perform a 48-hour skin allergy test before using the hair dye. Continue only if there is no discomfort.

  • Apply cream or olive oil around the hairline to make it easier to remove dyes that may come into contact with the skin.

  • Use the included hair coloring tools from the box.

  • Avoid hair coloring if you have a history of allergies, a sensitive or itchy scalp, or any scalp injuries.


  • Use warm water, not hot, when washing your hair.

  • If the dye comes into contact with your skin, wash it off immediately with clean water.

  • Blow dry the hair after coloring for better color fixation.



    • Color: Chestnut brown, Blcak, Brown
    • Contents: 80ml

    • Shelf life: 3 years


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